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March 31st, 2014, 10:39 pm


Full Steam Ahead

So! I have finally cleared my schedule a little, and seeing as though the latest chapter of my interactive Visual Novel is now released, I will be dedicating my free time towards getting Rosetta completed once and for all.

This traditionally-rendered webcomic started way back in 2009, and although I always intended on completing it, the project did get pushed into the background on a number of occasions. ^^; The story will be completed at 4 chapters, my current projected time of completion (taking into account any large-scale freelance work that may pop up.) is late May, early June.

A printed version will also become available through a little while later.

I wish to thank everyone who has followed this little webcomic from the beginning! I've enjoyed working on it, with its simple art style and somewhat unorthodox story and characters, it's never really given me any trouble. Except when I run out of Copic Marker ink…

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